8.00 AM: REGISTRation Opens

8.30 am: Welcome & INTRODUCTION

John Lammas                 Conference Welcome
Matt Whalan                   Creating A Player Welfare Culture

9.00 AM: Session One - Return To Play - Clinical Considerations

Dr Dan Exeter                Criteria versus Time - A Review of Return To Play Decision Making
Prof Jiří Dvořák             Return To Play - The Role of Team Medical Staff
Dr Sarah Beable            Psychological Aspects of Return To Play
Dr Bruce Hamilton        The Role of Imaging in Return To Play
Dr Mark Fulcher             Long Term Consequences of Injury & Returning to Play

10.30 AM: Morning Tea


Dr John Sampson          Building Training Load Tolerance - Reconditioning in Return To Play
Dr Chris Hanna              Secondary Prevention for Muscle & Tendon Injuries
Ms Sharon Kearney       Managing Return To Play in Athletes with Recurring Injuries
Ms Harriet Steele           Avoiding Deconditioning During Injury

12.30 PM: Lunch

1.30 PM: Session Three - Concussion & Return To Play

Prof Jiří Dvořák              5th Concussion Consensus Guidelines - What is New? 
Dr Michael Makdissi      Acute Sideline Assessment - SCAT 5 and Changes to Direct Return To Play
Dr Stephen Kara            The Role of Therapeutic Exercise in Return To Play From Concussion
Ms Katherine Forch       Vestibular Treatments for Concussion
Dr Michael Makdissi      Return To Play Following Multiple Concussions - When Enough Is Enough

3.15 PM: Afternoon Tea

3.30 PM: Session Four - Return To Play From ACL Injury

Mr Simon Young              Science, Surgical Decision Making & Return To Play
Mr Mike Rosenfeldt         Return To Play In The Younger Athlete
Dr James McGarvey        Return To Play Without Surgery - Is It Possible? 
Ms Fiona Mather             Rehabilitation & Return To Play - A Synchronised Approach (Physio, Player, Coach & Conditioner)

5.00PM: Close & Thank you